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Movie Review – Revenge of the Pontianak

Revenge of the Pontianak The Pontianak is a divisive creature. Sometimes a gorgeous woman, other times a blood-sucking ghoul, she is also a victim of her circumstances, as a woman who died during birthing. How she ends up as the two-faced, transforming monster, is lost forever to the annals of supernatural folklore. But her legacy […]Read More

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Watch The First Trailer for Netflix’s In the Tall Grass

Netflix just dropped the first trailer for In the Tall Grass, the seriously creepy looking original horror movie is based on the novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill, follows a brother and sister who venture into a vast field of tall grass when they hear a young boy’s cry for help. Instead, they end up trapped in the field […]Read More



Various sources on the net have reported that Netflix will turn Japanese ghost movie franchise Ju-On into an original series next year. According to to the website Ramen Para Dos, the show was originally announced during a Netflix Japan event with Sho Miyake serving as director. Netflix currently has a landing page dedicated to the […]Read More

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Movie Review – The 3rd Eye Reopens [Mata Batin 2]

The 3rd Eye Reopens [Mata Batin 2] This Indonesian title continues the story from the first chapter of the same name, and director Rocky Soraya brings back the sisters to solve the mystery of the persistent ghost in their house. It ends with the death of the younger sibling Abel (Bianca Hello) and Alia (Jessica […]Read More


New Trailer for Netflx’s K-zombie Series ” Kingdom”

Netflix new K-horror series Kingdom is a six episodes series centers around a mysterious plague that is spreading throughout the Joseon kingdom, and the crown prince who attempts to discover its origin and stop the disease before it totally decimates the kingdom. Fans of Rampant should definitely check out this series. Kingdom arrives on Netflix January […]Read More

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A digital nightmare goes out of the binary and delivers a refreshing twist Cam What Cam serves so well, is not only a timely modern-day fable, but a straightforward horror tale that chills to the core. You now what they say about finding the familiar, the most terrifying? Cam reflects the state of today’s online […]Read More