[Movie Review] Urban Myths

Urban myths grip us because it places the supernatural amongst our everyday. Some of the most compelling classics have emerged from daily objects that we use – such as the television, video tape and smartphone. Others happen in familiar settings – the Read More


[Movie Review] The Deep House

Inside directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are known for their inventive spin to old themes, and their debut twist on a pregnant woman escaping a stalker blew minds everywhere with its horrific reveal. Even if their subsequent efforts weren’Read More


Movie Review – Possessor

Cronenberg. The surname itself signals that Possessor is going to be deeply provocative. Son of David Cronenberg, Brandon Cronenberg, is fully realising every bit of his family’s legacy with Possessor. The sci-fi horror checks all the heritage hallmarks – body Read More

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Movie Review – Repossession

Can a haunted story ever work in the sanitised setting of Singapore? REPOSSESSION attempts to do so, painting over colourless cubicles and the confines of an Audi, a tale that funnels urban pressure into a horrific manifestation. If 2018’s CRAZY Read More


Movie Review – Scare Package

It’s not everyday you can call a horror flick “feel good”, but Scare Package isn’t your everyday horror either. This title combines the winning formula of horror and humour – something many have attempted but failed. Think Creepshow, but Read More


Movie Review – Sea Fever

Monster films have not had a really fresh rebrand in the last few years, but we have Sea Fever and director Neasa Hardiman to thank for one. This seafaring title is an international production and has benefitted itself by being Read More