Movie Review – The Deep House

Inside directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are known for their inventive spin to old themes, and their debut twist on a pregnant woman escaping

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10 days ago
fleshcuts @fleshcuts
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The Deep House truly takes on a new creepiness. The murky waters, suspended items, and just incredibly disturbing fact that the house is as intact as it is is enough to make the most seasoned viewer uncomfortable.
42 days ago
fleshcuts @fleshcuts
Every voice is a victim. Every connection is a clue. Every call is a lifeline. Watch #TheBlackPhone trailer now
46 days ago
fleshcuts @fleshcuts
Review - Malignant
Like his debut masterwork Saw, there is more shock in how the mystery unfolds, than fear conjured by cleverly constructed jump scares. The good kind of shock, that is. Not forgetting tons of fun for old-school horror fans.



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