[Japan] Alphoenix “Return of the Savior” Music Video

Japan’s melodic death metal band Alphoenix have dropped a fiery new single “Return of the Savior” with a new music video. Engineered by Logan Mader

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4 hours ago
fleshcuts @fleshcuts
#icymi: Check out the new single from Alphoenix
22 days ago
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#Netflix's Korean zombie series 'All of Us Are Dead' to be out on Jan. 28
27 days ago
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Our review for Netflix's Two/Dos is up!
Follow the link below to read the full review
43 days ago
fleshcuts @fleshcuts
A great loss and condolences to the family.
70 days ago
fleshcuts @fleshcuts
Check out our review for The Deep House
The Deep House truly takes on a new creepiness. The murky waters, suspended items, and just incredibly disturbing fact that the house is as intact as it is is enough to make the most seasoned viewer uncomfortable.



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