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Movie Review – Detention

Taiwan’s tenuous relationship with China has always been a sore point to explore in the media. DETENTION’s original incarnation as a video game struck both nerves and gold, for its placement of the time period during the White Terror in the country. The game won rave reviews for its innovative presentation style, beautifully rendered in […]Read More

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Movie Review – Death Whisper (Sunyi)

DEATH WHISPER With middling efforts for his Danur, Awi Suryadi returns with a full-on homage to South Korea’s Whispering Corridors with his own Death Whisper. The fanboy moments range from the hangeul characters that appear during titling, to actual references to the original with the appearance of the DVD. And while this seems to point […]Read More

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Movie Review – The 3rd Eye Reopens [Mata Batin 2]

The 3rd Eye Reopens [Mata Batin 2] This Indonesian title continues the story from the first chapter of the same name, and director Rocky Soraya brings back the sisters to solve the mystery of the persistent ghost in their house. It ends with the death of the younger sibling Abel (Bianca Hello) and Alia (Jessica […]Read More



A valiant tribute buried by a distracting decision SUZZANNA: BERNAPAS DALAM KUBUR For something called Buried Alive, the focus is really not about that. Instead, the film is both a tribute and remake of Indonesian horror classic Sundel Bolong (1981), and features many nods to the original. The spirit in question is usually a prostitute […]Read More


Tumbbad [REVIEW]

An indian tale of monsters and men Tumbbad When I heard “period Hindi horror”, I was in. Tumbbad surprises with its theme and story – an inventive tale that adheres to the dramatic mythology of Hinduism. And as epic as the story is, the production was in itself a tale of its own. The first […]Read More

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The Devil Fish 人面鱼 [Review]

This Tag-Along prequel… flounders. The Devil Fish 人面鱼 There’s nothing wrong in milking a franchise. The key is in knowing where the formula works, what to bank on, and when to refresh parts when it gets a little tired. In short, give the audience more of what they want. This, is something the folks at […]Read More

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The Rope Curese 粽邪 [Review]

Taiwanese traditions continue to give us the creeps The Rope Curse 粽邪 Spiritual traditions often have a hold on us. And when these rituals are formed around a tragic suicide hanging, the overall effect is all the more grim. Those in Fujian and parts of Taiwan believe that when someone commits death by the noose, that […]Read More


Danur 2: Maddah [Review]

This horror film is dark, but for the wrong reasons. Danur 2: Maddah A clear creature bred on a Hollywood diet, director Awi Suryadi turns the reputation of the original Danur on its head, from placid title to heart-dropping ride with its sequel, Danur 2. But it may not have really worked. For one thing, […]Read More