‘Re-Animator’ Director Stuart Gordon Has Passed Away at 72

 ‘Re-Animator’ Director Stuart Gordon Has Passed Away at 72

Stuart Gordon, best known among fans behind such cult classics as; ‘Re-Animator’, ‘From Beyond’, ‘Dolls’ and ‘Castle Freak’ has died. He was 72.

Gordon made his film debut with 1985’s ‘Re-Animator,’ a horror-comedy cult classic starring Jeffrey Combs as Dr Herbert West, a medical student obsessed with raising the dead. Following “Re-Animator,” he adapted another Lovecraft mad-science tale, ‘From Beyond,’ about researchers whose experiments turn interdimensional, with horrific results. His most recent film is the 2007 thriller ‘Stuck,’ starred Mena Suvari and Stephen Rea.

Stuart Gordon is survived by his wife, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, daughters Suzanna, Jillian and Margaret Gordon, his brother, David George Gordon and four grandchildren

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