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Movie Review – Death Whisper (Sunyi)

DEATH WHISPER With middling efforts for his Danur, Awi Suryadi returns with a full-on homage to South Korea’s Whispering Corridors with his own Death Whisper. The fanboy moments range from the hangeul characters that appear during titling, to actual references to the original with the appearance of the DVD. And while this seems to point […]Read More



A valiant tribute buried by a distracting decision SUZZANNA: BERNAPAS DALAM KUBUR For something called Buried Alive, the focus is really not about that. Instead, the film is both a tribute and remake of Indonesian horror classic Sundel Bolong (1981), and features many nods to the original. The spirit in question is usually a prostitute […]Read More

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Danur 2: Maddah [Review]

This horror film is dark, but for the wrong reasons. Danur 2: Maddah A clear creature bred on a Hollywood diet, director Awi Suryadi turns the reputation of the original Danur on its head, from placid title to heart-dropping ride with its sequel, Danur 2. But it may not have really worked. For one thing, […]Read More