A Quiet Place [Review]

 A Quiet Place [Review]

A movie that does the impossible.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is not popcorn-friendly. And thank god for that. As good as any horror flick can be, we all know how a well-timed crunch, nervous laugh or inconsiderate commentary can break even the best atmospheric build-up.

John Krasinski crafts a whole film to challenge that phenomena, and surprisingly, it worked. At my viewing, people only started snacking when the character talked, which was few and far between.

A Quiet Place places us at the aftermath of an invasion, where unseen monsters track their human prey down by the slightest of sounds. We follow the surviving Abbott family’s routines, which is fixated on reducing noise. Imagine the horror when we find out that the wife Evelyn (Emily Blunt) is pregnant, which directs us to the eventual dilemma.

Krasinski moves the characters through the story with dexterity, placing them in varied but believable scenarios that has the audience holding their breath in tense anticipation. Once things unravel, the breakneck pace is an exhilarating ride that keeps us riveted till the satisfyingly uncontrived ending.

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