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Movie Review – Malignant

An unseen patient unleashes a brutal attack on the hospital employees, who are armed with weapons that clearly aren’t enough. We do not see who or what he is, only the gruesome aftermath that hints at something unimaginably monstrous. The macabre cold open of Malignant calls to mind old horror films in the vein of It’s Alive. Yet […]Read More

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The Troop by Nick Cutter Picks Up by Atomic Monster

Atomic Monster announced recently that it has acquired the rights to “The Troop” by author Nick Cutter. Describes as Part Lord of the Flies, part 28 Days Later— the story follows a group of teens on a remote camping trip who must fend for themselves when their adult chaperone falls prey to an aggressive otherworldly infection. Once […]Read More


James Wan to direct the I Know What You Did

Here is a piece of exciting news for horror fans especially if you are a fan of the mid-90s teen slasher franchise, I Know What You Did Last Summer. James Wan is now rumored to direct the pilot of the remake for Amazon. The series is set up at Amazon as “a young adult horror […]Read More