Opposition Party’s to re-release “It’s Chaos / Because” on 7″

Singapore’s Opposition Party’s will re-release “It’s Chaos / Because”, the DIY limited single first released in 2003, on vinyl!

Pressed on a square transparent vinyl with expanded sleeve notes and artwork, the tracks on this 7″ including bonuses are:

Side A
1. It’s Chaos
2. Because

Side B
1. Living Dead Island(Zombie II alternate mix)
2. It’s Chaos(Live)

The 2 songs are rare versions different from the 2005 “Zombified” album versions. In 2019, it was digitally re-released with 2 never-before-released bonus tracks – an alternate mix of “Living Dead Island” from the 2006 “Zombie II” demo and a live version of “It’s Chaos”.

This is an extremely limited archival release with a mere 13 copies brought into existence by Vanilla Thunder under permission from Subculture Productions.