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Movie Review – Stigmatized Properties

Other than some anomalies in minor communities, the thought of someone’s death having a negative effect on us is common enough in Asian culture. This is after all, why some of us rather take a detour if there’s a funeral on our route, or perform some form of cleansing after encountering death. The whole 4D […]Read More



Various sources on the net have reported that Netflix will turn Japanese ghost movie franchise Ju-On into an original series next year. According to to the website Ramen Para Dos, the show was originally announced during a Netflix Japan event with Sho Miyake serving as director. Netflix currently has a landing page dedicated to the […]Read More


Movie Review – Sadako 貞子 (2019)

Sadako 貞子 Love her or hate her, Sadako singlehandedly launched a new wave of horror design that focuses on body movements and disturbing imagery. With Ring’s alarming success, Japanese horror raised the profile of Asian horror, giving birth to terrifying new talents from Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea, securing so much popularity that even […]Read More