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Movie Review – Guimoon: The Lightless Door

Guimoon starts off with a great formula. An experienced shaman commits suicide after attempting to exorcise a murderous spirit from an abandoned building. Her son returns to finish what she started, by creating a ritual door to step through and enter a middle space where the living and dead alike can walk. His plan – […]Read More


Movie Review – The Call

Sci-fi was never the genre that one would typically associate with South Korean cinema. But things are starting to change. In the recent decade, more filmmakers have begun experimenting with conjectures about the future and grand ideas on the manipulation of time – with great success. The Call is this year’s stunner that saw its […]Read More


Movie Review – Stigmatized Properties

Other than some anomalies in minor communities, the thought of someone’s death having a negative effect on us is common enough in Asian culture. This is after all, why some of us rather take a detour if there’s a funeral on our route, or perform some form of cleansing after encountering death. The whole 4D […]Read More